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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

Barry ...

I've been wondering whether to photograph my slides and negatives in raw
(at least sometimes) because of the time it takes to scan them in.

flat bed scanners are specifically designed to reproduce flat objects with very little distortion and film scanners offer very high resolution with extended dynamic range. ultimately these devices are best.

however, if you're looking for "good enough", it is possible to photograph your film.
suggested methodology:

1. take care to ensure the that film is parallel to the focal plane.
2. use a lens that will minimize abberations or distortions of any kind.
3. use a secure stabilizing device such as a tripod.

you might also consider an old slide copier attachment -either extension tubes or bellows attachment. ultimately, you're the final arbitrator of quality and if you're satisfied with the resolution, sharpness, and any abberations introduced along the way then it becomes an entirely subjective process but technically viable. :-)

regarding color casts, Ian has been one of the early web pioneers publishing sound scanning techniques--and a must read. i highly recommend visiting any of his pages.

Shangara ... What a simple but brilliant suggestion!


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