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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

ACR 3.3 introduced a change that i see as a major backward step: That of certain slider changes only being visible at 100% (particularly sharpening). I understand the reason behind this, and I know many will say that you either should not sharpen in ACR and you should not do it at <100%.

But if your workflow requires the processing of hundreds of photos for display on the web. (Often I have to do this onsite with the clients present) then viewing changes at "web size" is an absolute must have. Most of the shots are good enough to print without mods in PSCS2 so I also need to be able in ACR to view mods at print size.

The happy half way house is to be able to select whether these changes are visible or not with the rider that redraw speed will be affected.

Right now I am forced to change my tool of choice as having to view every image at 100% has introduced an unacceptable delay in my workflow.


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