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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

Douglas, I think we are in complete agreement here.

I've been enquiring about off-the-shelf products that support XMP-within-DNG:
Barry Clive Pearson, "Off-the-shelf products that can access DNG's XMP?" #13, 20 Dec 2005 8:36 am

I've been posting here about the general issue of putting XMP into files of all sorts:
Barry Clive Pearson, "Problem with the copyright box in metadata when batching" #2, 16 Dec 2005 5:07 am

As you point out, the issues span the DNG, ACR, Bridge, and XMP, forums. I don't think many people outside Adobe are addressing ALL of these. One is John Beardsworth, and he has helped me a lot:

I am trying to track some of the relevant products at:

I think there are some aware people, such as Hertwig van Zwietering:


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