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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +


I now realize your welomed request wasn't limited to the DNG converter.

I do suggest a module that would act as a superset of the DNG converter, ACR and Bridge. Think of ACR as a module that can be hosted by Bridge or PSCS2. Why shouldn't we be thinking of an organizing module that can be hosted in a similar way to organize metadata? I belive this would naturally flow into a professional digital asset manager (DAM) with its attendant cataloging features. I agree with your assessment that we are seeing the beginnings of this feature set in a more or less fragmented way.

My suggestion for a feature set goes beyond this ACR forum becuase it spans across other Adobe programs (and fora) -- like DNG, Bridge, and XMP. I don't yet know how to access the "new programs" wish list forum -- assuming it exists. So I will be brief in this response.

Considering the rich feature set a module could contain, I look to drag and drop for a wide variety of metadata fields. I know more advanced users are comfortable emplying copyright scripting, but I am not at that level and would feel more comfortable selecting dragging and dropping my copyright data. I now input keyword and description infomration using Bridge. Having used these features, I would natually request for more robust keyword options with drag and drop capabiltiy. What first comes to my mind is multi-level keywords. This is a dream b/c I don't even know how/if mult-level keywords would work in XMP. I just know that Adobe has multi-level tags in its organizer (PSE4 for instance). I would like to have this capability in a module which writes this to the DNG file. I want all the image infomation in the DNG and in a manner where a DAM can access. Isn't this the vision of extensible XMP and DNG?

Enough for now in this ACR forum. We can explore what a metadata management module and professional-grade organizer would look like in another forum -- which one is best? There is some disucssion of this topic in the Bridge and XMP fora but I feel that Adobe's response is that Bridge isn't the right program and I don't know if the XMP forum is the correct selction for this topic. Where can we discuss these critical workflow documentation issues without rasing the ire of the ACR forum manager?



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