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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

ddm: I didn't propose to restrict XMP manipulation to the DNG converter. I was responding to requests for a way of adding extra cameras easily into ACR, and added the bit about XMP as another useful feature.

I too have used Bridge to add my copyright XMP metadata to JPEGs. I'm pleased that I can do so in exactly the way I do it to my DNGs. I am enthusiastic about XMP in everything!

I'm trying to imagine the consequences of your proposal. I've used "File info", "Append Metadata", and the "Keywords" tab in Bridge. (And, of course, both ACR and the DNG Converter add their own stuff anyway). Powerful, but somewhat fragmented.

I wonder if you are suggesting something that acts like a superset of all of those, with a consistent interface? If so, and if it also provided cleaner templates (eg. for copyright) than the current scheme, I would agree with you. There is currently a feeling of "work in progress" in these products.

(Yes, I know I could probably do a lot of it myself, with the various XMP products and toolkits around, but I want off-the-shelf capability).


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