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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

Mike, you say (#151) "I predict that the first raw handler to actively address the issue of new camera models, and allow fine tuning of existing models, will become immensly popular for just that reason".

Here is a small modification to that. How about a software product that generated DNG files according to such tuning parameters? In other words, instead of being part of ACR, it would be part of the DNG Converter?

Or part of "A" DNG Converter - not necessarily written by Adobe. One of the few things that concerns me about DNG is that the DNG Converter is currently single-sourced. I would like to see an open-sourced version. John Francis' SourceForge project appears to be going nowhere.

I would welcome a much richer toolset for reading and writing DNGs, going far beyond this issue. Obviously it would include comprehensive XMP manipulation. (The first thing I do with a folder-full of DNGs is apply my copyright template. But why wait until then? Why not do it at conversion time, which I do directly from the memory card?)

Doing something to ACR is limited. (For example, it would only apply to the latest ACR, not ACR 2.4). Doing something to DNGs is much more powerful. And it would perhaps convince the anti-Adobe conspiracy-theorists to embrace DNG and help bring a halt to the current farce.


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