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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

Rick Bordon said (quite reasonably):

Just to be clear, I was asking for the ability to add individual camera
data when they became available rather than when several dozen or so were
accumulated, and the plugin reference was not meant to be taken literally
and confused with Photoshop plugins. I have no idea how or if this could
be accomplished...only that it would be nice. :-)

Rick is absolutely right. This is really the flip side of asking camera manufacturers to provide their specs for a new camera in a transparent and timely matter. Why not make ACR transparent enough that most new camera models may be added at the drop of a hat by modifying a text file?

Failing this, I think there are a number of things Adobe could do to make life a little easier. One would be for Adobe plugin hosts to recognize the situation where more than one format plugin exists for a given format. This could be as simple as putting up a dialog to allow the user to choose which one to use.

An example of this would be NEF files, which are supported by both ACR and the Nikon Capture plugin. Photoshop or Bridge would ask which plugin it should use, perhaps with some means of specifying a default. This would allow the additional flexibility to use Nikon's handler when desired.

Another improvement would be the ability to manually map camera models supported by ACR, by adding the model number to a text file.

If two cameras differ only in the model name, arrangement or phase of the Bayer filter array, or the filter colors, that could be specified in a table. I'll bet my copy of Siggraph 1984 that there is already such a table in ACR. So break it out into a text file.

This concept could be extended to cover differences in individual cameras - put the serial number in the text file and bingo, correction for individual camera ISO and color variation.

Yes, I understand there are technical hurdles. I predict that the first raw handler to actively address the issue of new camera models, and allow fine tuning of existing models, will become immensly popular for just that reason.

Mike Russell


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