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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

One of Camera Raw's best features is the Crop Tool. Please keep the cropped view in the Bridge thumbnails. It would be helpful if the Camera Raw Crop Tool had the center marker like the one in CS2. The center marker if really handy for centering the crop as well as rotating the crop around.

Also add more than one custom size. I'm always having to reset it between two or three different dimensions. Almost all of my images are cropped in Camera RAW

Finally, please add a Canon version with accurate Canon colors, WB and all of Canon cameras' settings including parameters, contrast, saturation, sharpness, color matrix and Picture Styles.

Some of us actually set up our cameras to take the picture that we want, as opposed to simply recording properly exposed basic numbers to throw at ACR, C1, or a number of other converters that are not true to Canon camera specs.

I know that this is a major philosophical difference between us but I chose Canon equipment for the quality of the resulting pictures, not just the numbers it outputs. I view the camera as the dog and the RAW converter as the tail.

That said, Camera Raw has improved to the point that I happily use it for 95% of my work. Its tool set is just terrific.


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