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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

I see the base of what you are saying, but I guess that since I am not
used to that workflow, it seems weird to me.

I'm not looking for sub-percentage accuracy here. I'm just looking for the exact same functionality that's in CS2 which I use quite successfully now. But, it's a pain to have to move a RAW file into CS2 in order to be able to do this when one is supposed to adjust white balance in the RAW editor.

Here's an example of how one can more easily use the CMYK values to set white balance: .

Since this seems weird to you, how would you tweak white balance to generate a proper skin tone on a photo that doesn't have any other obvious neutral or gray references in it without going purely by eye? How else would you suggest solving this problem?

I've found that reading the CMYK numbers is an excellent way to solve this problem (and thus why I was asking), but if there are other ways to solve this that work in ACR, I'm happy to learn those too.


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