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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

Need CMYK pixel values in ACR for setting white balance for pleasing skin tone

One of the most valuable attributes of shooting RAW is to be able to adjust white balance while you still have maximum data around. To that end, adjusting white balance on people pictures where you are trying to get skin tone right is most appropriately done using CMYK pixel readings, not RGB pixel readings (for causasians - yellow should be 5-20% more than magenta, cyan is usually 30-50% of the magenta value, black should be pretty low). Since all I can find is RGB pixel readings in ACR now, if I have no other good references in the photo, I find I have to guess on the white balance by eye, open in CS2, check the CMYK values, close w/o saving, make a white balance adjustment in ACR and try again in CS2. All I need to avoid this inefficient workflow is to be able to see CMYK values in ACR just like I can in CS2. I'm not asking for CMYK curves or anything like that, I just need to be able to show pixel values with the sampler points in CMYK values.



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