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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +


You are quite correct - PE4 and CS2 behave the same way when crops are made from the editor: both programs leave the full original Raw file thumbnail. My mistake.

Is it possible that Bridge-CS2 be made to leave the full original Raw file thumbnail after crops are made in ACR? This was my original request, from post 116.

I have come to make my crops in CS2-ACR during conversion versus my previous practice in Photoshop CS editor and earlier versions. Changing the Raw thumbnail view to reflect the last crop made in ACR obscures the original file content visible through the thumbnail, and requires quite a bit of extra work to see the original content again.

I don't see the logic or benefit behind cropping the Raw thumbnail view when using the CR crop tool approach versus leaving the full Raw view after using the PS editor crop tool.


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