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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

Barry - Please read original request detail in post 116.

I'd like the default thumbnail view in Bridge-CS2 to display the full original Raw file view even if subsequent ACR or Photoshop crops are chosen from the Raw original. PE4 retains the full view of the original file after cropping. The current Bridge displays the original Raw file thumbnail as only the portion of the last crop action, not the full original view. If there is a way to keep the thumbnail of the original Raw file as a full, non-cropped view, I can't locate that option in Bridge, so, yes, it does appear to be the default display (with no further options).

For me to see the full original Raw file view, I must reopen the Raw file in ACR and clear the current crop. The thumbnail view restriction is not productive, to say the least.

The significant question for me is, Why does the "consumer" PE4 show the original full file view after a subsequent cropping action, when the "professional" oriented CS2 displays the original file thumbnail with only its last cropped portion? To meet both of our preferences, the option of view is needed here.


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