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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

For me it is a very welcome new feature that fact that now Camera RAW writes legacy IPTC (IIM) data. I use several applications and some support XMP while others just IIM4.1, and I still want to access the same metadata (when the format allows it) in both apps (for instance, Apple Spotlight vs. Adobe Bridge). I think, however, that if you are adding that feature, you should do it to its full extent, and right now there are three field that are not being written that I think should be (specially the first one):

- Dataset 1:90, Coded Character Set: Without this, IPTC (IIM4.1) is pretty irritating to non-English users, i.e. anyone that uses anything beyond ASCII, if not completely useless for users who do not use roman letters (Japanese, Korean…). The specs on this dataset are somewhat tricky. Be sure to have a look at page 20 and Appendix C. You might also want to have a look at an explanation and some JPEG examples by some guy in this non-ACR related thread

- Dataset 2:92, Sub-location: according to the XMP Schema "IPTC Core" V 1.00, the XMP property name "Location" should have "Legacy / backward compatibility" with the IIM dataset "2:92 Sublocation". CRW 3.3 beta, though, does not currently synchronize them (I mean, it does not write the legacy IIM dataset at all).

- Dataset 2:100, Country/Primary Location Code: both the IPTC (IIM) specs and the IPTCore specs have a place to specify an ISO3166 country code. Surprisingly, the IPTCCore v1.00 specs ignores this and do not specify that the property "CountryCode" has "Legacy / backward compatibility" with the IIM Dataset 2:100 Country Code. In any case, again, both fields are useful in order to clear up things beyond language-dependent toponyms, and I see no reason for ACR not to synchronize both either.

Anyhow, thanks for this great addition to ACR!


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