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Subject: Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +

Kudos to Thomas, et al for producing such a great tool.
I went through this list trying to make sure I am being original here - and to the best of my knowledge I am.

1. In, ACR, for the individual tabs: an on/off button, and a reset to last opened state button. I realize you can use the Preview box to show and hide the cumulative effect. What the on/off button would do is allow you to preview just the changes you have made to that tab, and not the cumulative effect. I realize there are a bazillion levels of undo, but there are times when it would be nice to go back to the 'entry state' with a single click. I realize the reset button does this for all the tabs - I'd like this effect for each tab individually

2. Incorporated into the sidecar and/or DNG ACR meta: the ability to have multiple looks, as in multiple groups of ACR settings. They could have a ranking so there is always a primary for use in creating previews, etc. It would be especially nice when I need to have a B&W version, a Cool version and a Warm version of the same image, and even nicer when I have to do this across a group of images. I realize that I can save ACR settings files outside of the file, but it would be nice to have these travel with the file. It would also allow me to preserve what I believe to be the best 'normal' conversion settings, while letting me experiment with, for example, a high contrast, punchy blacks cross process look.

Andy Batt


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