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Subject: Re: Camera Raw Database Vs. XMP files

The main advantage of using a centralized database is that you keep your folders uncluttered. The main advantage, I think, of using XMP files is that your changes are portable. You can copy your raw images together with the XMP files from one computer to another and have all of your changes with you. Otherwise it would be necessary for you to keep all folder structures and contents exactly the same on both computers, and it would be necessary to transfer the entire database if you move your images and want to transfer your changes. Remember, changes made in Camera Raw are not stored in the raw image. I don't know how your system is set up, but I do not see the XMP files in Bridge.

Sorry, forgot about the last question. If you erase the XMP files then the next time you open that raw image you will have to start all over on your changes.


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