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Subject: Re: CS2, Bridge, Windows, Camera Raw Plug-In 3.2 Not Working

I just spent about an hour on the phone with an Adobe support representative. He had me do a bunch of things, including moving the plugin somewhere else, disabling a bunch of stuff in the windows configuration system, sending him a RAW file to see if he could open it (he could), trying to open an Adobe sample file (I could), etc. etc.

In the end he had me create a new user account, and VOILA, everything works the way it should in the new user account. He said there is something corrupt in my user account and suggested that I call back if I want to pursue a solution to the problem, which he could not help me with.

I have no idea what's wrong with my user account, but as long as I can use PS CS2 in the different account, I'll let it go for now.


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