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Subject: Re: Archiving DNG files

We need only look back 20 years to floppy disks and SyQuests to know that
technology changes so fast that the archival quality of a particular medium
is almost a moot point.

scrolls, then books, served us well for several millenia. there's no reason some similar medium of permanence couldn't be replicated to meet the challenges of this age.

Rather, the question is "How can I set up my archiving (digital asset
management) system to best accomodate being migrated regularly with minimal
hassle and data loss?"

initially that procedure was called the library of Alexandria with book loans to the original Xerox of the medieval age--the monasteries.

you're correct in that most DAM relies heavily on fowarding the football. however for most entities we're increasing our desire to archive at exponential rates. if i were a prophet, I'd predict one day in the not-so-distant future there will be a whole new industry of automated librarian-ohts (libe-ots) to index, retrieve, translate, and store virtual libraries of data. but until then ... it's grunt work, toast , and a lot of caffeine! :-)


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