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Subject: Re: Archiving DNG files

When considering setting up an archiving system, it's helpful to keep in mind the single most critical guiding principle:
There is no permanent archive medium.

Even if there were a physical medium that met the test of being "archival" (100+ years), you would still be faced with the question of that medium's readability in 100 years. We need only look back 20 years to floppy disks and SyQuests to know that technology changes so fast that the archival quality of a particular medium is almost a moot point.

We have to look at our digital files as clouds of data that reside only temporarily on a particular medium until we determine that, for various reasons, it's time to migrate those clouds onto another medium. It's a fact of life that you will have to be constantly migrating your data as technology evolves.

So the question is not "What is the most archival medium?'. Rather, the question is "How can I set up my archiving (digital asset management) system to best accomodate being migrated regularly with minimal hassle and data loss?"

If you're shooting digitally, it's the most fundamental question.


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