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Subject: Re: ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct

Jack Joseph can continue to ignore this. I'll continue to ignore his personal attacks as well as Jason's.

But I'll give it one last try, knowing full well that those who choose to ignore the advice doled out over months will remain clueless regardless of what anyone says.

Regardless of which Adobe WB method I use and which of several Camera
Raw calibrations I employ the color never looks even close to that of
camera JPGs…

< Sigh…> Because it is not supposed to or designed to.

Camera manufacturers, particularly Canon, have their software perform in-camera raw-to-JPEG conversions that will produce the kind of over-sharpened, over-contrasty and over-saturated images that will appeal to the vast majority of consumers.

That is not ACR's goal. Thank you for that, Thomas Knoll and company.

If what someone wants is Nikon's or Canon's in-camera JPEG look, then ACR is most likely not the right tool for that person, although one could make it behave any way one wanted.

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