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Subject: Re: ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct

If I ignore the one, consistently angry Adobe cheerleader here (Ramón) I find this thread very interesting. I appreciate the hard work that Adobe has put into ACR. I use it most of the time due to its superior tool set. I shoot Canon 1Dm2 bodies under usually underexposed, low light sports settings. Given stadium lighting and white uniforms it is very easy to be generally under-exposed and still have clipped highlights! No software I know of can approach ACR's ability to deal with those kind of images.

My chief gripe is similar to that of some Nikon shooters. ACR WB simply does not look right. I usually shoot CR2+JPG. I have the ACR default set to As Shot. Regardless of which Adobe WB method I use and which of several Camera Raw calibrations I employ the color never looks even close to that of camera JPGs. Keep in mind I'm talking about color, not contrast or other in-camera processing parameters.

If I look at the CR2s and JPGs in DPP they are almost identical. In EVU they are identical, again speaking of WB.

Thomas, I appreciate the fact that ACR has to support many camera models and RAW formats and that you cannot use someone else's code without their permission. I'm not just giving lip service here, I really do appreciate the task and Adobe's hard work.

The fact is though that Step One when processing a RAW image needs to be decoding the image as the camera took it. A photographer doesn't know how to shoot unless he knows what the camera outputs. The default version of a RAW decode has to reflect how the camera will process it given in the case of Canon, preset WB, personal WB, parameters, color matrix, and custom tone curves.

As I see it the Goal of a RAW converter is to modify an image, not to start with a poor conversion and then try to fix it. If the camera got the WB correct a photographer shouldn't have to calibrate Camera RAW and use the eyedropper in order to fix Camera Raw's bad WB.

If one just sends of bunch of RAW data to a converter and then starts from scratch that renders many of the camera's capabilites useless. When I open files in the primative EVU the default version of the RAW conversion reflects all of the work I've put in to setting up the camera for the particular kind of image I need.

The simple fact is that as good as it is ACR is horribly deficient in rendering an accurate version of the RAW file. Adobe software has to be able to be able to render the photograph I took as opposed to me shooting the image and then working to make it look good via Camera RAW.

As the consumer who purchased the product that you make I upgraded to CS2 soley as a means of staying current with the development of ACR. There are a couple of features that I use but do not have to have. ACR IS my reason for having CS2 and and an initial accurate version of the image is my chief goal.


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