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Subject: Re: ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct

Yes Illustrator 88 was the first version I used as well. Don't it make you feel old?
On your other point, I agree that so long as your work flow is consistent then that should make up for any discrepancies. Thanks also for stating the info about the White Point relying on the profiles and algorithims being used. My lack of awareness in this area was due to not having to set both the temperature and tint controls before ACR came around and presuming that base profiles and formulas would be the same between the software manufacturers and cameras. Probably to much too ask for but being spoilt by Adobe's quality in the past may be I expected more than was possible.

Thanks for your input again and if it looked like I was accusing you of trolling then I apologise in full, this was not my intention. I just wanted to see if those who were happy with ACR were shooting Nikon or using another brand and therefore were seeing the same "issues" with their files, simply asking for this info was not meant to label anyone a troll. Now that you and others have explained more about the reliance on profiles and formulas in calculating the settings that ACR takes from the cameras, I feel a little more at ease with the situation. Could you share your own personal settings for the D2x when using ACR, just for comparison? Also, could you explain where on the D2x the individual controls are that relate to temperature and tint as 'freelander' stated?

Thanks for the graphic, I must try to get hold of Andrew's book, any chance you could tell me the title? I have been relying on 'Real World Colour Management' for most of my work until now, may be I should get hold of 'Real World Camera Raw' as well.

And finally... Thanks to Thomas and the team at Adobe for creating software over the years that has helped me build a career, put a roof over my head and create my own business with happy customers AND accountants, for that I will always be grateful.

My understanding of this subject is now clearer but I still wish for a display that would show me the same settings from camera to ACR. May be I can be taught to appreciate ACR's methods, I certainly hope so as I am starting to rely on CS2's workflow through Bridge and ACR as it definetly has more benefits than downsides. Thanks to all who have replied to this post so far with the exception of a few...


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ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct =>


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