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Subject: Re: ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct

When confronting a difficult subject such as white balance, it is always best to do a little background reading before reaching conclusion based on insufficient data or incomplete knowledge.

Page 20 of Andrew Rodney's new Color management book discusses white balance. Since most light sources are not black body radiators, most illumination can not be fully specified by a Kelvin temperature. In fact, for a given temperature, say 5000K, there are deviations from a black body radiator's spectrum lying in a line in the magenta to green axis as shown in his accompanying illustration. Since I don't have permission to publish Andrew's diagram, here is one showing an approximation of the lines of correlated color temperature for 5000K and 3000K. The degrees Kelvin will not fully characterize illumination from a non black body radiator, and insistence otherwise is futile.

I think this is what the Tint control in ACR is addressing.

Since a single color temperature will not fully describe non black body illumination, this is a deficiency in the Nikon software. I don't know what information on color temperature the D2X encrypts in its file, but I suspect that it is more than the color temperature in Kelvins. Additional information is welcome.


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