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Subject: Re: ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct

Thanks for your input. You make a lot of sense in your post and have started filling in the gaps for us. I think the strongest point you make is that:

"In the case of white balance, as I understand it, we have the confusing scenario that while effectively, Adobe use Fahrenheit and Nikon use Centigrade, they are both labelling it as the same units, when in fact they aren't - and Canon, and the producers of every other colour temperature meter will do something different again."

This is exactly our (read majority of Nikon shooters) point. Adobe are labelling the colour temperature as "As Shot" in the Camera Raw menu and it is not the same as the "As Shot" value that we set in camera. Now I'm not saying that the Adobe formula is giving incorrect results, I'm damn sure that Thomas et al have a much finer mathematical mind than mine in these matters, what I am saying is that when a manufacture labels something "As Shot" then the shooters will expect that figure to be the figure they dialled into the camera, not some other combination that Adobe decides is an equivalent description." This is were I believe the difference between expectations of the programmer and the end-user's differ and may be in this case we are just seeing the extremes of this problem.

Once again thanks for your input and please feel free to keep adding on...


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