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Subject: Re: ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct

FWIW, My humble Canon 20D can (as an option) set white balance correction on the two axes, Blue/amber, magenta/green using a graphical interface. (not that I've ever felt the need to do so, as that degree of colour accuracy isn't critical for my purposes - I shoot RAW and if necessary use a white card to balance in RAW processing.) And if you are just setting the colour temperature numerically, you are advised by the manual to set colour correction (magenta or green bias) when shooting under fluoro. So yes Canon cameras do treat it explicitly as two separate variables, at least in the case of this camera.

And to empasise the random nature of the numbers that are given by any one colour meter, the 20D manual also gives the advice:
" if you want to set K to the reading taken with a color temperature meter, take test shots and adjust the setting to compensate for the difference between the color temperature meter's reading and the camera's color temperature reading". In other words you need to callibrate to a neutral position, the absolute value of numbers in degrees K doesn't mean a thing.

As others much better qualified than I have said, the only thing that matters is getting the colours that the camera thinks are neutral, neutral in the RAW converter. And this ACR (should) do- and if it does why get hung up on the number? - it's a purely arbitrary description. Analogously, water boils at the same temperature whether we measure the boiling point in Fahrenheit, Centigrade or degrees Kelvin. (In the case of white balance, as I understand it, we have the confusing scenario that while effectively, Adobe use Fahrenheit and Nikon use Centigrade, they are both labelling it as the same units, when in fact they aren't - and Canon, and the producers of every other colour temperature meter will do something different again.)


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