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Subject: Re: ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct

eye took this to mean that since ACR uses a different algorithim (that
separates WB and tint), over other packages which may combine them,

The thing is, there is no algorithm that doesn't "separate" them; you can't white balance without both adjustments. Any software that "combines" them is simply hiding it from you -- or, far more likely, only giving you a knob for the blue-yellow "temperature" axis and leaving the green-magenta one to fall where it may, expecting you to correct it later.

Your camera's auto white balance is doing both. The manual one can do both (at least, it can on the D2x), but no one ever bothers adjusting the tint in-camera.

What the Adobe folks are trying to tell you is that, because they are using different camera profiles, if they used the same color temperature number as Nikon, the appearance of the image would be incorrect. The interpretation of the color temperature has to be done in the context of the camera profile; it is not a standalone, Absolute Truth number.


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