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Subject: Re: ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct

JHicking writes:

This will probably be my last post on this subject in this forum as I
can see it descending into a war of words between Adobe's supporters and
Nikon shooters.

not necessarily. we all need a little patience to wade through this. unfortunately the explanations given are not always communicated in a context appropriate to the people asking the question. we're all struggling to understand this new paradigm.

for instance, TKnoll writes:

Because of the different camera profiles being used, when matching white
balance values Camera Raw can either match the white balance appearance
(which colors are exactly neutral) or the white balance numbers (exact
Kelvin/Tint numbers). In these cases, Camera Raw chose to match the appearance,
not the numbers.

eye took this to mean that since ACR uses a different algorithim (that separates WB and tint), over other packages which may combine them, it prefers to match the WB appearence but breaks out the components separately. this explanation comes across as a global mechanism which is not just local to the D2X.

then CCox writes:

Because of the encryption and Nikon lack of SDK, Adobe could not read
the white point data from the D2X files and could only estimate the white

chris's explanation is local to the D2X, but reveals a separate issue different from what Thomas was attempting to explain. the nikon encrypted WB issue has indeed been discussed ad nauseum.

my understanding from this is that the final WB values shown are relative to the rendering algorithims employed-- not the absolute values recorded by the camera. this would make sense as each camera/sensor/lens combo has it's own set of biases.


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