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Subject: Re: ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct

Unless one actually HAS an accurate color temp meter, whose to say that Camera Raw's "reading" of white balance is any more or less accurate than Nikon's? An actual white balance reading of a black body radiator goes in the yellow/blue axis. However, degrees Kelvin is only 1/2 the white balance answer...one must also incorporate a magenta/green "Tint" adjustment to achieve an accurate white balance for the color of light. My old Minolta Color Temp meter did not only a K reading but also a Mag/Green reading for tint.

The fact that Nikon (nor the other camera makers) actually include a tint in combination with a Kelvin readout leads me to believe it's Nikon that has the less accurate white balance calculations-since at least to the user, Tint is completely hidden.

If what you are basing your "accuracy" judgement on is the in-camera jpg's, then I would halt you right there...Nikon and the other camera makers are imposing THIER own interpretation upon those jpgs. And truth be told, there is no such thing as "accurate color" out of a digital camera...raw files (and even cameras set to jpgs are actually shooting raw) are simply one possible interpetation of many-all of which may actually be considered "accurate".

The "defaults" in any raw processing software are merely starting points. The fact that Camera Raw doesn't "match" the in-camera jpgs but Nikon Capture DOES is in no way an indication that Nikon Capture is in any way more "accurate". It is arguably more consistant at least as far as the way the camera produces jpgs...but the whole purpose of shooting raw is to allow the photographer to control the interpretation of the raw processed image.

If you actually do like the way Nikon Capture produces interpretations of color, then there's nothing keeping you from using Nikon Capture...or adjusting the Camera Raw settings to mimic those found in Nikon Capture.

But stating that one raw processor is "more accurate" at some sort of default is pretty useless...the reason software has processing parameters that are adjustable is so that one can adjust the results.

Try taking a color temp meter and measuring the the actual white balance of the light...the odds are REAL GOOD it won't match what you think you've set on the camera...white balance is highly subjective unless you use very accurate measuring devices and in the end, who cares what the color of the light actually is-I would rather adjust the image to get the results I want.


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