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Subject: Re: ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct


I just wish someone from Adobe would come out and explain why such problems
exist and what the technological restrictions are that are stopping them
reaching the same figures as other software companies.

Well, they have come out and commented. Read existing threads, especially posts by Thomas Knoll, creator of both Photoshop and ACR, author Bruce Fraser, and others. You may not like their answers, but you might find them enlightening. Add each of their names in succession to your key words for searching existing threads on why ACR does not seek to emulate Nikon, Canon or any other software, and why definitions of color temperatures in WB settings like "daylight" don't always match.

Sorry about not offering to do your legwork for you, as for me this is a non-issue, but I hope the certain knowledge that there are threads that dealt with these issues before is encouragement enough for you to do appropriate forum searches.

Who knows, in the meantime maybe Thomas, Bruce, Jeff Schewe or someone else will jump in again.


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