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Subject: Re: ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct

I'm not sure of your background so I won't make any sweeping comments but I assure you that after speaking to at least half a dozen Nikon pro shooters the WB issue is a major pain in the rear for all of us, not just myself.

You are also wrong in so far as the point you made. Nikon Capture and the camera (we're talking about the D2x but also applies to the D70) both show the same temperature as do Capture One and Photo Mechanic - two of the other leading packages used in pro studio workflows. This is why I can't understand what is stopping Adobe from reading and using the colour temperature from the RAW files. If other smaller companies can handle this task and produce accurate colour then why not Adobe?

And just to confirm that ACR does not do as accurate a job as the other packages and I believe this is the reason why. I also don't understand why the colour temperature and tint values are split into two controls, this all points to a system using the colour registers like a Lab file ie the tint slider controls the green to magenta bias and the temperature controls the blue to yellow bias. I just wish someone from Adobe would come out and explain why such problems exist and what the technological restrictions are that are stopping them reaching the same figures as other software companies.

As much as I love ACR for it's speed and feature set, until it can give me an accurate record of the settings that were used when I took the shot I will continue to use Nikon Capture or one of the other packages. This is the same stance that many other Nikon shooters are taking.

Let me put it in blunter terms. If you bought a video-recorder that couldn't accurately show you how many minutes recording you could fit on your tapes and therefore regularly missed the start or end of your recordings would you tolerate it or complain?

Hope this doesn't come across at to aggressive but it is something that we feel needs resolving at a professional level for professional users. We are not talking about some 100 camera with a freebie image editor, we are talking about professional kit with professional software that people rely on to make their living.


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