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Subject: Re: ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct

Thomas. Thanks for you reply but I am still a little confused.

I understand what you are saying about each package using different colour profiles and tone curves in theory but can't understand why Camera Raw doesn't read and display the correct white balance details from the D2x files.

As a working professional it is important that I can rely on the data that my software feeds me and if I do some test shots at various white balance settings then open them in Camera Raw to see the results of my testing I will be misinformed as to the correct setting due to the fact that the temperature that Camera Raw tells me that shot was taken at is not the same as the white balance that the "best shot" was actually taken with.

If I set my camera to the white balance that looks the best in Camera Raw and carry on shooting then the results will be incorrect due to the result in Camera Raw not telling me the correct settings. I appreciate that this may sound like someone being awkward but I would really like to know the reason behind this difference to that I can explain it to other shooters who I train in digital workflow and photography.


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