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Subject: Re: ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct

I carry a Gretag Macbeth Color Checker in my car all the time, "just in case". I try to remember to snap it for every set of lighting conditions. (If I set the WB in ACR from it, I use the 2nd, "light grey", square, not the 1st, "white", square. But I might instead set WB "by eye" for subjective reasons).

Without special action on my part, I can't see how I could reasonably expect my camera to give a good WB. Nor any other camera. My camera has a method of setting the WB from a neutral object, but why not use the Gretag Macbeth instead? It is actually faster to snap it, and potentially far more useful. (I could even do another camera calibration from it).

Larryr544 says "I recently did a wedding where there was a combination of ambient, florescent and tungsten light". There comes a point where I do multiple raw conversions with different settings and combine them in Photoshop! And that sounds like one of them.


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