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Subject: Re: ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct

DP Review points out that 'Canon still doesn't get WB right.' I don't
know what that means exactly either. For example is it determined by averaging
the entire photo (when set to auto) or just what is happening, I don't
have a clue.

Automatic white balance isn't that good with Nikon either. It would be nice if the camera makers told us a bit more about their WB algorithms so that we could use the camera more intelligently and recognize situations where auto white balance might not work properly. Making the balance of the overall image neutral would not do with a subject having mainly one strongly colored object, such as a red flower. The camera probably looks at the highlights in each channel somewhat akin to the AutoColor in Photoshop levels. Some cameras (such as the Nikon D2X have an ambient light sensor--ok if the camera is illuminated with the same light as the subject).

It helps if the scene includes a white object. See the article cited below on Cambridge in Color. I think the author makes a very good analysis:


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ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct =>


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