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Subject: Re: ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct

Even after the 2X firmware upgrade , and the acr beta, I'm still experiencing a slight red tint to wb readings, evan after using a gray card reference eyedropper tool adjustment (ie yellow has a honey/ red hue added to it, a beach with white sand will look redish/ warmer than with identical graycard reference in nc4). Nc4 still appears to render more accurate colors.

Is this issue just with nikon nef files or canon and others as well?

will there be an acr update to resolve this issue...hasn't nikon devolged its wb tag info to adobe?

(this post is not meant to stir up any problems ....but there does appear to be a sincere problem with acr wb and nef files, the reasonable thing would be to acknowledge it, address it, and resolve it.


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ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct =>


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