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Subject: Re: ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct

The method used is called the "correlated color temperature", which a
mathematical method of assigning a color temperature to a color near,
but not on, the Planckian locus. The above plot shows lines crossing the
Planckian locus for which the correlated color temperature is the same.


The above is from your link in the previous message. The diagram on that link shows only a single line (the Planckian locus); it describes lines of correlated color temperature but does not display them--there must be an editing error here.

I don't understand the math involved any more than most of the other readers on this forum, but from the above it is apparent that a single variable (degrees Kelvin) is not sufficient to describe non black body illumination. I would be interested in knowing what other variables or coefficients are involved.

I agree that Bruce's ad hominum attack was inappropriate and noncollegial. Furthermore, it did not add anything to the discussion. It was good to see that Chris Cox came to your defence. I have followed your work on the Macbeth calibration scripts and am impressed--hardly the work of a dummy.


Can you add anything to the discussion? What type of white balance information do digital cameras attach to the raw file?


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