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Subject: Re: ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct

At the risk of getting pissed on by a perennial horse rider in this forum, I'll throw in my two cents.

I've decided to go back to EVU for processing Canon RAW files as it has simply become too time consuming to make all the necessary adjustments to correct for ACR's interpretation(s) of my camera's RAW data, including white balance and color settings.

I used to be able to calibrate my humble little 300D fairly well with ACR 2.3 and CS but things have degraded with CS2/ACR 3.2 to the point where calibration/WB adjustment is undependable and just too much of a hassle. Furthermore, I can get better color results with EVU sending a relatively flat but better white (and color) balanced 16 bit file over to CS2 and then use the wonderful tools available there to process accordingly.

It appears that ACR consistently misinterprets red data in my CRW files in particular (it does so to varying degrees), and I agree with other posts about the frustrating white balance results, as well. I find myself making sometimes significant color adjustments in CS2 to correct for this anyway so why make twice the work? If we could only work on 8 bit files this would be a different story, of course.

I've run calibration scripts and read books and articles by authors mentioned earlier but they have not solved the dilemma many of us seem to be facing - at least in the world of Windows. Perhaps there is a reason many of the professionals offering us well intended advice actually do their own work on a Mac?

If I could in fact reasonably calibrate my camera, things would be different but it seems one needs a different calibration for nearly every photo series depending not only upon lighting conditions but especially color composition. A pic with predominantley blue color seems to need one calibration for each potetnial lighting condition encountered and same for red, green and various combinations thereof. This appears to be a new phenomenon related to CS2/ACR 3.2.

The numbers involved with calibration via a GM color chart may tell one story but our eyes pass final judgement. Add the ever changing white balance phenomenon and the "math" tells me to just move a flat 16 bit image into Photoshop via EVU and let CS2 do what it does so well.

I'll save ACR for those images that absolutely need highlight or shadow recovery and do the rest of my conversions with EVU for now. Perhaps the color handling in Windows will improve with the next OS release and/or the camera manufacturers will cooperate with Adobe some day but for now ACR falls short of my needs, too.


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