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Subject: Re: ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct


I'm embaresed to say I didn't. I stumbled on this thread accidently on its last page and posted the question before relizing there were previous posts. I was interested to see others were experiecing the same frustrations I was.

The work around I have had to resort to was to deactivate all the presets, ajust the histogram manualy w/ the exposure and shadows slider, change the curves to linear and adjust to personal tastes..then import into cs2-16 bit and adjust colors in R, B, C channels w/ levels..boyits teadious..not sure if that helps solve the white balance issue at all but at least looks prettier than the way acr sets the presets. it seems that i can do all that pretty much in nc4... any suggestions on other alternative methods??



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ACR v3.2 D2x white balance still not correct =>


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