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Subject: Re: ACR for amateurs and not professional use?

Adobe users also participate in DPreview, Photo.net, Nikonians.Org, fredmiranda.com,

That is true but Nick has NOT made comments regarding the original material at the source site, at least not using his name. No, he has chosen to express a very limited opinion here and at least one other site were the individual causing the storm may well not have access. If Nick thinks the guy is making absurd comments then he should have the courage to do so where the individual can at least read it.

Furthermore, Nick finished his post with the comment: "It never ceases to amaze how misconceptions are spread!" Well, clearly it has escaped your notice that the person spreading the misconception is Nick. Had he simply linked to the original material then I would have had no issue but he didn't, he chose to copy and paste selected excerpts from material posted at another site. Ask yourself why? Better still ask yourself why he chose to do so on at least two sites but hasn't actually contradicted any of the material himself.

Nick's post is the perfect example of one person making the balls then standing back waiting for somebody else to throw them.

layback, chill, and have a shamrock shake or something

I would love to, but when sh-one-t hits the fan in THIS forum it's ME who gets the calls from Adobe Legal - not you!


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