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Subject: Re: ACR calibration and different lenses


Nunatak and Bill Janes are 100% correct in their responses.

This is a little redundant but my point simply was that you could overdo this. Creating a new calibration for every combination of lens, lighting, and other factor might be a little overkill. From a practical standpoint I find that the ACR calibration controls are not very precise in the first place. The errors introduced by rounding errors in the calibration measurements and the limitations of the simple hue and saturation sliders are greater than those typically introduced by a lens or a change in the light source. The light source differences are usually adequately addressed by the camera and ACR WB controls.

So you might find as I did that a single daylight calibration for each camera is sufficient. Each user needs to determine for his or her own needs how many calibrations they might want. Unless you have a toady lens I doubt that you will need separate calibrations for each lens. There are many other fine folks who will disagree about the need for separate calibrations for each unique light source. Iím just saying that I find the WB controls are all that I need. And I frequently shoot evening outdoor sports with constantly changing lighting (from daylight to dusk to stadium lights).

The calibration seldom produces precisely accurate colors in all patches anyway. Until the tools start using the spectral characteristics of the individual sensors the calibration will remain an approximation. This is the fundamental reason that some raw editors produce more accurate colors in the first place.

So you can create as many or few calibration profiles as you see fit. Try some test calibrations with different lenses and light sources. See if there is a big difference in the calibration results. Then make your decision.

But running with the out-of-the-box ACR calibration defaults only is never a good idea (IMHO).

Cheers, Rags :-)


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