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Subject: Re: ACR calibration and different lenses

There is no end to the factors for which you can calibrate. Color temperature is an important one. Bruce Fraser recommends at least tungsten and daylight. However, tungsten varies considerably according to the type of bulb used. There is one gym in which I had to use a WB of 2000k to get neutral whites. Metal halide lights and florescents also vary.

And if you use Noise Ninja, you might have to build profiles for various color temperatures and exposure adjustments.

I think the most practical approach is to calibrate for what you shoot and go from there according to what is needed to get acceptable color.

One approach is to calibrate under usual conditions and then take a test picture of the Color Checker under a different condition and measure the results. Rags has a useful script on his web site to print out the deviations of the patches from the expected values and Imitest by Norman Koren also has a facility to report color error in the patches.


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