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Subject: Re: ACR and in-camera settings (D70)

Does ACR recognize any of the in-cameras setting when it opens a NEF file?
I see that it sees the WB ("as shot") but what about the other settings
such as sharpness, saturation, etc? Thanks Steve

Short answer is no.

And does it matter? Certainly it is very easy to apply settings en masse in ACR. One situation where use of the in camera settings might be helpful is when the camera is set to use Auto tone compensation. Theoretically, one could save some work in ACR if the camera auto facility worked flawlessly. However, I suspect that most photographers who go to the trouble of shooting RAW would rather make these decisions personally than turning it over to the camera. And one can always use the auto settings in ACR.

I played with the Bibble plugin. It does appear to use the camera settings (as does Nikon Capture), but personally I have not found this feature to be that useful for my type of work.


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