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Subject: Re: ACR Calibration

Very impressive script Thomas , thank you !

Im trying to evaluate my ACR calibration .

See before/after conversion for a daylight image

I kept only calibration "subset " values from my script results ,
other figures are set using " normal " approach ( using my eyes and Bruce techniques ).

It looks promising , but Im still not quite sure what I have.
calibration figures looks quite high, compared what I'm used to ( zeros )

There is a huge difference in "contrast " setting , calibration gave me -20 for contrast , normally I would never go under 70 ( i guess I prefer "snappy " apearance) .

Are these numbers normal ( see values against gray in the right corner ) ?
( macbeth chart shot in the rainy Stockholm
daylight , I would expect 5500K )

Macbeth chart is 2.5 year old , so it could become a bit yellow.

What I can see is that colors seems to be more vibrant , cleaner .
Im not sure if this makes slightly "over saturated look " ...

Everything looks promising anyway .


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