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Subject: Re: ACR Calibration

For anyone interested, I have created a new script, Compare_Macbeth_Patches that might be useful for this kind of testing. I would be happy to send it on request.

This is based on Read_Macbeth_Patches except that the target values are obtained from a second image instead of tables. Open two similar images, define a pen path in each and simply run it. The report shows the differences for each patch and the summaries. Naturally, this is only useful to those who have two similar camera bodies and want to replicate the tests shown in the earlier posts.

BTW, I also updated ACR_Calibrate_Rags to V4.4 today. This has a new (and default) option for the saturation sliders. First it will determine the dominant channel in each of the color patches. Then all the red dominant patches are evaluated when adjusting the red saturation slider. The same is done for green and blue.

This results in a much better overall color correlation for five different cameras I tested. Enough better that I decided to make it the default option. It is also a logical solution. The saturation sliders vary the relationship between the target channel and the other two. This is simply an intelligent selection of the patches that would be affected. For the record there are 8 red dominant patches, 6 blue, and only 4 green.

Cheers, Rags :-)


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