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Subject: Re: ACR Calibration

Les Helgeson wrote:

> Unfortunately, the sample size is too small to say we've proven anything
from a scientific standpoint but it should be enough to suggest we assume
there is significant camera to camera variation for the Canon 300D until
proven otherwise. <<

Les, - For my part, I completely agree to your analysis.

After comparing the numbers back and forth, it’s obvious that both of your captures (‘daylight vs strobes’) are significantly closer together - as any of both versus the Raw file provided by Bruce.

IMO, this counts as a valid hint for a unit-to-unit deviation (with the Digital Rebel 300D). So it’s only fair to say that this was Bruce’s point from the beginning (!). And, it’s also a basic premise speaking for the sense of ACR calibration, as opposed to other Raw conversion software which uses generic / ‘rigid’ Lut-type input profiles.

That said, to this point it does not implicate a conclusion if one of both cameras would come closer than the other to produce a matrix space. Here, the criterion would be a comparatively lower total error, deltaHSB-hue / -saturation across all colors. Or, an effective reduction to such a significantly lower total error by means of ACR calibration (see our original comparison before vs. after calibration; posts 96 to 102) … imo.

Many thanks to you and Bruce for this instructive discussion!




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