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Subject: Re: ACR Calibration

I just tried Rags Gardner variation on the Thomas Fors script and it worked just fine. Now to figure out what's different..


ACR_Calibrator_Rags V4.0 ProPhoto RGB ACR(3.3)
Author: (c) 2005 Rags Gardner
acknowledgement: (c) 2005 Thomas Fors
Sun Feb 19 2006 22:55:40 GMT-0500
NIKON D200 Shutter:1/60 Aperture:f/8 ISO:100 [EV:11.9]
ColorSatMetric=Sat, ColorSequence=WMB, ColorPasses=5, HueFirst=false, CCT=D65

Exposure: 0
WB Temp: 5150 OK: Score(0.0065), Goal(0.009), Time(0:00)
WB Tint: -2 OK: Score(0.0065), Goal(0.009), Time(0:00)
Brightness: 33 Success: Score(0.0015), Goal(0.0025), Time(1:25)
Contrast: -26 Best: Score(0.0104), Goal(0.01), Time(3:09)
Shadows: 19 Success: Score(-0.008), Goal(0.01), Time(0:56)
Saturation%: 0
Shadow Tint: 0 Accepted: Score(0.0191), Goal(0.02), Time(0:01)
Red Sat%: 21 Accepted: Score(-0.0016), Goal(0.0025), Time(1:01)
Red Hue̊: -25 Accepted: Score(0), Goal(0.0055), Time(1:48)
Green Sat%: 20 Accepted: Score(0.0017), Goal(0.0025), Time(1:01)
Green Hue̊: -11 Accepted: Score(0), Goal(0.0055), Time(0:32)
Blue Sat%: -1 Accepted: Score(0.0022), Goal(0.0025), Time(1:19)
Blue Hue̊: 19 Accepted: Score(0), Goal(0.0055), Time(3:13)
Color Pass(4) Sequence: [WMB]=[BGR] Mean Color Error(0.0018)
Done. Elapsed Time: 17:57 File Opens(106), AROPM(5.9), @ 8.4 secs ea
Color Iterations(4): Congratulations, all color settings accepted!
RGB patch mean errors: Hue(0̊), Sat(0.18%), Lum(2.19%)
AllColors: Sat: SD=3.12, worst[4]=12.14% foliage
Lum: SD=2.03, worst[7]=7.02% orange

Totals: Passes(31), Steps(43), Max Recursions(4), Restarts(0)
Limits Exceeded: Steps(0), Recursions(0), Time(0), Restarts(0)


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