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Subject: Re: ACR Calibration


I’ve compiled your settings & results in a simple reporting scheme, including some brief remarks which indicate full compliance with the suggested procedure. For your review - I hope I made no typo:


Camera: Digital Rebel 300D
Lighting: w/5200K strobes – probably OK (see 1.)
WB second gray: 5200K & 16 Tint - OK (see 4.)

Adjust tab / tone curve kept at ACR default without autocorrection – OK (see 3.)
Shadows: 5
Brightness: 50
Contrast: 25

Further settings – OK (see 3.)
ProPhoto RGB: yes
Saturation: 0
Curve tab / tone curve: Linear
Calibrate tab sliders: at zero

Normalization of RGBmax per patch – OK (see 5.). Resulting RGB readings and required corrections to meet the reference number; the ‘fingerprint’:

Red = R123-1, G60-3, B49-4
Light Skin = R160, G137+1, B118-2
Green = R85-1, G124-1, B74-7
Yellow Green = R146-3, G169-1, B81-8
Blue = R53+6, G49, B125+1
Blue Sky = R92+3, G101+1, B134

Peter Lange, "ACR Calibration" #104, 14 Feb 2006 11:54 am


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