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Subject: Re: ACR Calibration


Thanks for weighing in on this one. You've introduced a slightly different methodology than Peter suggested originally. He asked we keep everyhting at the ACR default and ONLY adjust exposure (not brightness) to get the "primary" values for each suggested patch to match the reference target (R for Red, G for Green, etc.) and then also report the associated "non-primary" values (ie R&B for the Green patch and so forth. At least I think I'm reading Peter's post correctly.

I did not adjust to the white patch for purposes of this comparative exercise (and left all the other sliders alone) but have found doing as you suggest to be most accurate for actual calibration purposes. And the numbers are of course quite different from what I've posted. But Peter is suggesting an easy and uniform "standard" of comparison for variation that appears valid IMHO.

I also have three different exposures which I can "digest" as you've done and report back. But I notice your three exposures don't appear to differ from one another by a whole lot. I'm finding the same thing to be true with my exposures under actual calibration conditions. So, I'll convert my oranges to apples and report back unless you'd prefer to convert your apples to oranges?

At least we may be able to shed some light on the camera variation question.


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