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Subject: Re: ACR Calibration


Thanks again for sharing your results! Below please find a copy of your data where I’ve just added the moves which would be required to meet the reference numbers.

Of course a further analysis of deltaHSB-hue and –saturation could be done. However, the listing should already be suited to ‘see’ the respective deviations; in particular when we ignore RGBmax (= HSB brightness) which we had normalized per patch, and other minor fluctuations in general.

IMHO, this already yields a kind of fingerprint for the ‘Digital Rebel 300D’. Within the limited scope of this test, the most obvious characteristics are the great reproduction of ‘Light Skin’ and the lack of saturation in the green corner. I would assume that the latter is a tradeoff to get the other colors, including those which we don’t see here, approximately right (see above discussion on the maintenance of the total error across all colors).

Red = R123-1, G60-3, B49-4
Light Skin = R160, G137+1, B118-2
Green = R85-1, G124-1, B74-7
Yellow Green = R146-3, G169-1, B81-8
Blue = R53+6, G49, B125+1
Blue Sky = R92+3, G101+1, B134

Now, we’d just need a second ‘Digital Rebel’ who would be willing to participate. Any other state-of-the-art camera and a respective contribution would of course be appreciated as well in order to compare the overall ‘picture’. Here please find the testing procedure:
Peter Lange, "ACR Calibration" #104, 14 Feb 2006 11:54 am




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