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Subject: Re: ACR Calibration


I would suggest one person do the test shots. One setup, studio lights, all camera settings equal. All shots in one session setup. All shots with the same lens.

The reason for equal camera settings is that some (like ISO) can affect the A/D circuits with almost any body. The Nikon D2X (for another example) does some white balance processing in the A/D circuits.

The reason for studio lighting instead of daylight is that I have seen significant differences in exposure and color temperature in a matter of minutes with daylight. Even in what seems to be a clear and cloudless day.

Using the same lens will eliminate any possible lens artifacts.

I have run the same script against different units of the same model and see differences. But I can always note that the settings were different, the background was different, and the source lighting was different. I have even run tests with the same camera in daylight, but on different days. I get slightly different results.

It has to be a controlled environment test, by one shooter, in one session. Obviously this cannot be done with multiple shooters, under variable conditions, from around the world.

Cheers, Rags :-)


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