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Subject: Re: ACR Calibration


I'd be happy to send a text table of the values used. I'll work on it this evening.

BTW, I always work in ProPhoto, which may be overkill but it's the groove I've settled into. Theoretically, gamut issues should not be having much influence as I shot my color chart in a studio with two 5200K strobes fired at 45 deg. angles to the target pasted on a neutral grayish white background.

I tried calibrating the neutral patches as you suggested earlier (no exposure adjustment) but have not been successful. Could this be related to different RAW formats?

I understand you shoot a Nikon whereas I (and Bruce Fraser) shoot Canon. Seems I'm stuck "driving on the shoulder at 80 mph" but fortunately have 4WD! I am only able to get 4 of the 5 (darkest) patches to match (all within a level or two) if I first make an exposure adjustment of +0.95 to my "best" exposure, which brings the white point just below clipping and puts the white patch exactly to level 241 on the ProPhoto color chart (it drops considerably after making other adjustments, though and I leave it alone). Next step is to set the middle patch, etc. as everyone seems to suggest and everything falls right in place following a contrast/shadows adjustment. At least the "shoulder" appears to be wide enough to implement this method! But save for the intial exposure adjustement it sounds like we are essentially following the same procedure(s).

I'll try Peter's suggestion this evening after work, as well.




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