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Subject: Re: ACR Calibration

my understanding is that we're talking about color data. in particular,
the users color data.

Sorry for the confusion but I was really referring to the formats and processes - I agree wholeheartedly the data is certainly ours. But it would be helpful if Adobe helped us understand how they arrived at their color calibration (and exposure/tone) defaults - at least in basic terms. This really isn't too different from asking the camera vendors a similar question. But I think we might overcome the camera vendor issue if we could all learn to *easily* profile our cameras (and lenses) without resorting to the otherwise expensive Eye One Photo device and/or a lot of time.

Perhaps this discussion will lead to improvements in the scripts others have so generously made avaible to us, as well.

Peter, thanks for clearing up the saturation question and your are most certainly correct (I've been thinking primarily in terms of relative color balance - kinda tunnel vision I suppose!). Oddly, my calibration restores the lost saturation resulting form the aforementioned tonal adjustments while concurrently improving color quality and accuracy. The difference for skin tones is really quite noticeable although I admitedly shoot primarily landscape and wildlife.

And thank you for the curves plug in link. I'll give it a try - could be yet another valuable time saver. Again you are correct about the saturation question. Fortuantely luminosity mode does maintain color balance whereas normal mode seems to affect both saturation and balance.

I thought the latter would be Adobe’s strategy, to coordinate the preset
tone curve with somewhat correct color. In your case, this seems to fail.

This is why I supect Adobe may simply be providing an overall average default for all cameras supported in a given ACR version. Perhaps it does automatically detect my camera from available metadata and adjust itself invisibly but I remain skeptical. Even so, the default coclor profile is less than optimal. I agree with Rags that camera sensor variation is a doubtful explanation. Adobe really could help us out here.

I'll try to post a synopsis of what I did later this evening so you (and others) can try to repeat this on your set-up. Hopefully we won't be hauled away and falsely accused for attempting to reverse engineer and exploit a supposedly proprietary product!


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